Welcome! This is a collection of tools for the incremental game Realm Grinder by Divine Games.

Realm Weather Service is a forecasting tool for Lightning Strike and Miracle. It extracts the RNG state from a provided save file and predicts the future pattern of strikes.

Lara Crypt is a forecasting tool for artifacts.

Save Editor is a general utility that shows and edits a variety of stats that can be extracted from save files.

    Seasonal tools:

Meggnetic Resonance Imager is a forecasting tool for the Easter holiday event (2016).

02-01-2017 Update: New editor features, breath forecasting, and stuff
Unlocked spell tiers have been added to the editor, and Dragon's Breath (only Tier 1) forecasting to the weather service. Navigation links to deprecated tools have been removed, but I'll keep the pages there for anybody's old bookmarks....for now. And last but not least, I've added G00FBALL's Not a Wiki to the Realm Grinder links (for the few of you who've noticed the nav-bar). That is all.
22-05-2016 Update: Lara Crypt is back!
It is with much gratitude that I re-introduce Pseudobyte's artifact forecasting tool, Lara Crypt. In addition to the artifact, and easter egg tools, we also now have a save editor interface. As an avid player of Realm Grinder myself, and supporter of the developers, I highly encourage you NOT to use this tool to abuse the game. While I have had some fun experimenting with a variety of altered values, such fun is temporary. Bragging about such invalid accomplishments usually provokes negative feelings, which isn't very fun (unless you're a troll). So please edit responsibly.
20-04-2016 Update: Fixed RWS bug with Mercenaries.
Fixed it. Also, thanks to General Youri for his awesome work with the last update, and for updating the redirects to my fork of these tools. Wish me luck in future updates! - dox4242

PS: works with version
Link to Forum Post 24-01-2016 Update: Building Highlighting for the RWS
The RWS has now been enhanced with a Building Highlighting feature.

Hovering over a building in the forecast list will highlight all instances of that building in the entire list. The highlight changes the text color and teints the background. Moving the cursor away removes the highlight.

Clicking on a building in the forecast list will further accentuate the highlight by bolding the text. Additionally, this highlight persists until you click the building again (somewhere in the list), to remove the highlight.

Every building tier has a different highlight color, these are hardcoded and will always be the same, no matter what save you try, of how many times you refresh. As there are 11 building tiers, there are also 11 highlight colors. different buildings with the same tier get the same color highlight (for example Heaven's Gate, Hell Portal, and Ancient Pyramid are all highlighted in Teal color).

Both the hover and the click highlights are unique for that type of forecast, so that the Lightning and Miracle forecasts can have different buildings highlighted.
17-01-2016 Update: Maintenance shift and new location!
As of today, the RAB has changed urls! Pseudobyte is retiring from maintenance duties, and I'll be taking over (GeneralYouri).
This first of all means that the currently available tools have been updated to work with RG v1.5.45. Some tool changes, as well as new tool additions are planned for the future.

PS: Questions, comments, suggestions, bug reports, or just want to chat? You can open an issue on GitHub, PM GeneralYouri on Kongregate, or if you like, see if I'm around in Realm Grinder Room #2.

Everything here is open source and licensed MIT, here's the source code.

These tools use libraries by various lovely people and/or corporations, namely zlib.js, jQuery, and Bootstrap

I have also written some simple libraries as part of this project, which you might find useful if you are a codey sort.

For in-depth information about Realm Grinder, you might like the wiki.

Questions, comments, suggestions, bug reports, or just want to chat? You can open an issue on GitHub, or message Necrodoom on the Official Realm Grinder Discord

PseudoByte: Original Author

Dox4242: Current host, developed many tools

Necrodoom: Current Maintainer