Egg RNG State: {{state}}
Rest of Event ({{remainder}}): {{remainder_list}}
Rest of Event, scrying ({{remainder_scry}}): {{remainder_scry_list}}
Full Stack (720): {{full_stack_list}}
Next Stack ({{next_stack}}): {{next_stack_list}}
Next Unique Purchase (?): {{next_unique_list}}
Next Unique Purchase after Current Stack (?): {{next_unique_after_list}}
Next Eggs: {{custom_list}}
Until Rare Eggs: {{rare_list}}
Until Common Eggs: {{common_list}}

Perfect Snowflake completed: {{isComplete}}
Perfect Snowflake RNG State: {{snowState}}
Snowballs found so far: {{snowballsFound}}
Current Snowflake chance: {{snowflakeChance}}
Total Snowballs needed for Snowflake: {{snowballsNeeded}}
Note: This assumes the worst case where you always collect stacks of 1 snowball. Theres a slight chance you will get the Snowflake earlier if you collect large stacks.